An Introduction..

How should I start this? I guess I should welcome you, so… welcome!

My name is Lucy, I’m now officially in my 30s (which is weird to say and depressing to think about), I live on the east coast of Australia and I have had or still suffer from a nice menagerie of mental and physical issues. I decided to start this blog to have an outlet for the issues in my life; navigating through the lists or diagnoses, my on and off days living with CFS/ME and trying to have a life (and a sense of humour) at the end of the day.
I will mainly talk about illnesses and disorders like anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) but mostly to try and finally get my official Asperger’s/ Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.
While I hope this site helps me, I hope this helps you, my dear audience, in some way, no matter how small.

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