The Ultimate Care Kit



Everything is loud and fast these days. I live next to an at-home day care, so I know about loud.

Sometimes it can be hard to get a day in to just look after yourself and have your own wind-down, and it’s so important to get a few moments a day at the very least to get yourself centred and relaxed. Some people meditate, and while I like to be one of those people, I’m not there yet in any capacity.

So what happens if you’re constantly moving (or, at least, your brain doesn’t know when to shut up), your environment doesn’t help and you can’t escape it?

It’s time to make your own little vacation-in-a-box, or a self-care kit.

In case you don’t know, a self care kit/bag/box is your own curated kit of items that can help calm you down, bring you back into the present and overall make you happy. While my own items might not be for you, it will give you inspiration as to what to put in yours.



First off, you’re gonna need something to shove everything in. I love book boxes because they look really cool, incognito and can come in different sizes. If you can’t find one you can always use a handbag, a drawer or just any box you find.




Next we’ve got to fill it with anything you want, but I have some suggestions that you might not think of listed below, starting with ones for the five senses:





This is all about that tactile feel, wheither it’s a squishy thing like a stress ball or something soft and comforting to the touch, like a soft hand towel, baby blanket, teddy or even a full sized blanket or hoodie.
If you’re a fidgeter like me, you can also have a fidget cube. I absolutely love mine and play with it when idly doing things.




Probably the most overlooked sense when it comes to feeling more grounded but can go a long way to feeling better! Lavender and chamomile are popular choices but I don’t like them so much, instead, I go for citrus as it’s my favourite scent and is very uplifting, even a ‘happy’ scent. I actually love spritzing Cake Beauty’s lemon and cream body mist, but you can go for peppermint essential oil spray or even a candle with a subtle scent, like the one above from Dusk.





Don’t skimp here. It’s all about getting something that’s a treat and you love. No on-sale lollipop (only if you really love that lollipop), get something you don’t ordinary get or isn’t as easily available. The idea is when you pop it in your mouth you think about how good that damn treat is and it gets your mind off what you were thinking, even for a few seconds.
My favourites are Pocky, Terry’s Chocolate Orange and anything creamy from Lindt.






For me personally, sound is what sets me off in a fun spiral of meltdowns and embarrassed crying so something like my best headphones or earplugs are best. This is definitely dealer’s choice because many people don’t like things up to their ears, in their ears, like soothing sounds, like silence, etc.






Look at this starfish’s bubble butt. How do you feel right now? I bet it’s not a negative emotion… or lust, I hope.
While negative images can makes us feel a negative emotion, it can still takes us to a positive one. A great idea is having notes from loved ones, or affirming notes from yourself, with your dreams or goals. Another good thing you can do is put loved ones on stones to act as a tactile and visual grounding item.
If that isn’t your thing, you can always create a secret Pinterest board for yourself with any images you enjoy, here are some examples of some public ones.
You can also do some fun colouring-in pages!




Here’s a list of items to consider for your care kit:


  • Tissues
  • Eyedrops
  • Hand cream
  • Lip balm
  • Tea (mint is awesome)
  • Art journal/book
  • Backup meds, i.e. ibuprofen, anti-histamines, etc.
  • Pocket ice or heat pack
  • Dammit doll!
  • Wipes. Whether baby wipes or just face wipes, these are good for if you need to clean your face or body (have you smelt yourself after a stress cry? Yeah, it’s not nice)
  • Cooling eye mask



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