Finding Peace in Watching Others Play Animal Crossing

I don’t need to tell you how bad things are right now, so finding peace and a little bit of calm in this world is imperative. Remember the adult colouring book craze? Neurotypicals going bonkers for fidget products? Finding solace in Bob Ross videos while wearing sweats and eating chocolate-covered pretzels? Yeah I think things are getting a bit to dicey.

Right now my thing is watching people play Nintendo’s new Animal Crossing game, New Horizons. It’s praised for it’s mix of chilled pace and distracting enough with it’s little tasks.
Now, I don’t own a Switch (but I really want one, really want one) so I’ve done the next best thing of watching other people play.

Watching other people play games is a big thing now, especially with Twitch and YouTube Live now available and popular, but it’s still a strange thing to understand for a lot of people. Think of it like watching a certain story unfolding with the opportunity to watch different people with funny, interesting personalities explore it.
Animal Crossing is that kind of game that is bringing people of all ages and video game experience together

If you want an illustration of the range of people playing, here’s a grandma showing off her first Animal Crossing island..



and one of Charlie aka MoistCr1tikal in all his glory (some swearing if it’s not your thing, but honestly I’ll be swearing here so.. yeah?).



So until I can finally hold one in my arms and say it’s mine, I’m chilling out watching people build houses, fish, make amusing memes about landlord tyrant Tim Nook, and washing my damn hands.

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