30 Days of Autism Acceptance 2020!

I saw this awesome post on Tumblr and I thought it’d be great to post on her and do it here!

Here’s the start of the month that I’ll answer below




April 1

I think being on this blog you’ll find out more about me, but I’m Lucy and I like to do many things (to my own detriment) including writing and photography.


April 2

I go redinstead because Autism Speaks or their “light it up blue” want to “cure” autism, don’t actually care about autistic people, have no autistic Board of Directors, very little money goes to autistic people and their families.


April 3

For a long time I had no idea how to answer this. I like photography and camera, I like video games, but does that equate to “special interests”? I even had to look up examples to get the gist of what it is and two good sites helped.
I would say my special interests are movies in maybe a more technical way. I love movie trivia and have always been the person that can tell you what that actor’s name is and another he’s been in and blah blah. I also enjoy symbolism and really appreciate mediums like movies or even music videos that have little easter eggs in them.
I would say other special interests I have are in cryptozoology, Greek mythology, comics (especially Marvel), spy/espionage history, psychology when it comes to the human mind and the abnormalcy.


April 4

Yes! Since I was a kid I felt like I was observing more of life and trying to figure it out like an alien watching and trying to sell that I’m absolutely definitely a human.
Even though I don’t have an official diagnosis, it’s taken a long time to get to this point and I think autism isn’t something I can really separate from me; it’s woven and can’t be pulled out.


April 5

I currently live with my sister and if I had the money I’d live by myself. Like a lot of people, it’s just not an option.


April 6

I don’t drive. It’s still something that I struggle with that people are still surprised with, to the point I hear “it really isn’t so hard”/ “you’ll get the hang of it before you know it” etc from every single person that hears this ‘revelation’. It’s incredibly frustrating; trust me I wish I could find driving ‘simple’ and ‘easy’, yet it still confuses and stresses me out. I’m still hoping to ‘get it’ and get my license eventually.


April 7

I think there have been some good effort being put into autism portrayal and representation in media however it’s still almost non-existent with the only examples being monotone, stoic characters that are very plain. Yes, autistic people can be those things, but you know what many autistic girls and women do especially well? Talk with a range in their voice, move their face in conversation, act like everyone else because we’re really good at that! It’s why we don’t get diagnosed!


My favourite character that shows autistic traits is Tina Belcher (no surprise). Yes she has a deeper, monotone voice but she does inflect. Bob’s Burgers shows her writing her erotic friend fiction and all of her special interests, her family loving and supporting her, her quirks, her setbacks. She’s actually a character I want to make a post on in the future so I’ll leave that for now but she is amazing.


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