30 Days of Autism Acceptance 2020: Day 9-12

First off I hope you have a great Easter if you celebrate! Easter is really important to the Mediterranean part of my family so not spending it together was hard for my grandparents to comprehend but we did do a family Facetime via comp and the red eggs were broken on behalf of us.

If you can’t see your family, I hope you are able to have your own little Easter. It would be ridiculous to say it’s easy and happy for everyone but I hope you are able to get distracted and laugh even for a few minutes.





April 9

I actually really like hugs although I think I probably look awkward from the waist down- not a big fan of hugs that feel like they’re going to crush your ribs.
To be honest I’m weird with some touch; I still get nervous at my hair being touched because my scalp is sensitive (I don’t like going to get my hair done for that as well the whole ‘trying to keep a conversation’ thing at the same time).
I hate prolonged touch, especially when I’m trying to sleep.


April 10

Yeah and I think it doesn’t help that I’ve had people around me that use that as an excuse for saying something rude or hurtful, so I have a complex about that.


April 11

Yeah, I’m pretty open because at this point I’ve heard all of the ‘but you …” things. Most people either don’t believe me or don’t exactly know what being autistic means and are curious to know, so it can go both ways. Do I care they don’t believe me? Nup!


April 12

I feel like I was better at social skills and communication for the most part when I was younger because funny, quirky even weird things were almost expected out of being a fresh new human.

My biggest issue is pretty much continuing conversations. They’re exhausting! No matter if it’s face-to-face or through DMs or text- frick even through this blog! Sorry about that by the way, I either forget to come back to it or start stress-sweats.


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