30 Days of Autism Acceptance 2020: Day 15 & 16 – Half Way, Babyyyyyy!

April 13 and 14 I’ve already talked about before soooo I won’t bore you!



April 15: Free day! Write about any topic you want!

I just want to say thank you very much if you’re still reading! I’m hoping to talk about more topics next month. Hope you’re staying safe!


April 16: Do you experience hyper empathy or low empathy? Talk about it. What is it like?

Ugh, what a question to try to even begin to talk about!

Simply, I swing between both constantly, but hyper empathy comes when it’s anything to do with animals or children. Yeah, no one likes hearing about animal abuse or even a sad story but I cannot. get. the thought out of my head. It’s almost obsessive. So I don’t even look at articles or videos with animals especially if I know there’s a sad component. It’s not being blissfully ignorant. It’s to keep my brain from being stuck in that place constantly.

Actually another example would be Disney movies. I wasn’t big on Lion King in particular because I couldn’t get Mufasa’s death out of my head, to the point that little kid me held a grunge at the whole film, feeling like their exploiting my emotions…. I was a weird kid internally.

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