30 Days of Autism Acceptance 2020: Day 23-25



April 23

I don’t know how to answer this? I’ll get back to you!…….Maybe…


April 24

I have started finding my autistic community online although I haven’t been actively involved yet, I have found that so important, actually, I’d say even valuable. I commend how they effectively communicate and just get it. It feels so validating and non-judgemental, they just get that autism is a spectrum and a lot of people feel the same things, others don’t. Some people do one thing, others do something else.


April 25

From what I know I am the only one in my family, however, I suspect two have a few autistic traits. I’ve known only one person that has been diagnosed and she was 13 and could get a diagnosis.
I did wish I knew more in my everyday life. There are people online I know or come into contact with but sometimes seeing another autistic person “in the flesh” opens up a new way of communicating- and I think it helps family and friends see the similarities and also the spectrum of autism.



Today is ANZAC day here in Australia and a day of Remembrance. It’s especially in my family as my great-great uncle, Harold “Pompey” Elliott, served in the First World War. While he did come back home, a few years afterward he would take his own life after suffering from depression and PTSD. While something I very much want to talk about in more depth on here, I will leave it for another day.

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