Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self

Freshly-turned 17 me.


It’s a question everyone has pondered or been asked at some point; if you could go back, what would you tell your teenage self? A lot of people think asking this question doesn’t help because what’s done is done; you can’t change the past and regret can hurt and waste your present. Other people think it’s good to recognise how far you’ve come and if you’re holding onto the way you used to be.

While I think both are right, I do believe looking back not only shows how much you changed and gives pause to reflection but in a public setting like I’m typing to you know let’s others (especially younger people) think about the person they are now. Sometimes looking back also gives us a chance (or on the path) to make peace with the person and decisions we made and cut ourselves some slack now in the present.
Here are some of the points I wish I could tell myself when I was younger, followed some things I’d tell my younger self I’m doing right.



Grow your brows out a bit. Look we gotta start with some comedy and the comedy is those damn eyebrows.

Focus on the things you enjoy and make them skills, like photography and acting

Innocence is good! You don’t know what people are talking about? They’re “growing up” faster that you? Doesn’t fucking matter.

Don’t bother about dating or trying to figure it all out.

On that note, once someone is gone, forget about them. Don’t try to think of what other people do or are supposed to do. Forget your misplaced pride. In your heart you know it’s for the best and you weren’t happy anyway.

Stand up for yourself

There won’t be much you can find out about it, but look up as much as you can about ADHD and autistic symptoms IN GIRLS.


Your character is more important than you realise.

You’re not a failure or lazy because you find getting a job and the idea of driving daunting. There’s a reason!!!

Don’t change from photography to art. The teacher won’t like your work, most of the friends in there don’t matter, and if you want to talk to the guy, come in sometimes when you have a spare moment.

This is really important and if there’s one thing I want you to listen to, it’s this. If you aren’t comfortable with anything intimate, say so and move away from the situation. You aren’t good with words, and everything about being close to people is the most foreign part, but try to say how you feel as much as you can and if you aren’t being heard or are belittled, forget it and leave. It/he won’t matter in a blink.

Spontaneity isn’t your strong suit when it comes to situations or people. That ‘think of consequences and plan things through’ thing is actually good. Consider of what’s really good for you now but always think about your future.

Keep a diary and write in it! There’s so many things you wish you remembered or even have examples of useful things for the future.



Things You Gotta Keep Doing

Some people you think you trust will betray you and you will feel like you need to let them go, it’s a good thing.

You will ask out someone you like. Yes, it will happen.

You know something is wrong mentally, keep at it. Write it down, search it out. None of it is a waste.

There will be bullies and there will be the bullied, continue standing up to the bullied and the scared.

It’s good to go to parties! Trusted friends are there, just go!

The fact that you don’t really care about your physical looks and aren’t self-conscious is GOOD.

You’re going to get sick. Really sick. At a time that seems important for a young person. But it will be a blessing in disguise; you’ll find great friends – one will be your best friend – and your life will change forever.

There’s going to be times where you’re ready to end it all. It’s hard, it will be hard, but continuing despite the pain is the best gift you can give yourself.


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