Hey 2022!

What a month does, huh?

First off, I did want to come and start posting just before Christmas last year but I got a fun brand-spankin-new symptom of being unable to stand any light! Specifically blue light from anywhere; natural light, screens, everything. Warm light was better but still couldn’t use my regular glasses for too long so that was a real fun nightmare. There’s something about head pain that just makes it so much more unbearable. Let me tell you, endometriosis-associated pain is no joke, but (not to now jinx myself) if I had to choose between that, or a migraine, or the unbelievable combo of intense headache and eye pain I had? I’d go the endo pain.
The fact I couldn’t work on anything, couldn’t enjoy tv, read, anything, I felt like I was going to lose my mind. I was even thinking about getting botox because the pain would get worse because of the morning pain from frowning! I should explain I’m pretty sure my morning headaches were from the bits of light that come through my blinds and curtains, but any forehead contraction would trigger it.

However, after borrowing my dad’s very expensive but very effective fishing goggles (I couldn’t use them all the time because I have a thing called Absolutely Massive Head), I did manage to search for some blue-light/migraine glasses whenever my head was more manageable and found blockbluelight.com.au which seemed to be an actual Australian business that said the right things and had different lenses for different functions as well as night and day. Although still skeptical, I Afterpay’d the DayMax Taylor glasses for day/computer use and these wonderful looking orange tradie-chic FitOvers that go over your normal glasses that I can use for the nighttime or if it’s really glary in the day, using them for a bit. The DayMax ones have been a lifesaver, it’s the reason I can type to you now – and yes, I’m wearing them – I’m just so happy I was able to get these so quickly and they’ve worked out so well. My funky FitOvers are a challenge because of my Absolutely Massive Head makes them tight even without other glasses underneath, but I’ve been using them by themselves at night time to read and my eyes have been more… relaxed? Well they aren’t burning out of my skull so that’s good!
I should say I’m not affiliated or sponsored, this is just my own experience!

In other news, the Omicron variant has been let loose here after our borders opened before Christmas so as you can imagine, the supermarket shelves are barren, which made me think of everyone who has digestive issues must be having the worst time, so if that’s you, I hope you’ve been able to cope somehow.

Oh yeah, yogurt was all gone? That was… something!

Panadol (pretty much any paracetamol, followed my ibuprofen in the past few days) is basically non-existent and if you do find some there’s a buying limit, which is a fun thing to find out before a period!

Now that I’ve word-vomited a post out, I hope to be back to some sort of normal, scheduled programming soon.
Stay safe out there!

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