I’ve been planning two posts, one for here and one for The Mighty (one ironically about long COVID and chronic fatigue syndrome/me), however I just found out that my grandparents, my aunt and the family friend that my aunt and uncle live with all have COVID. My family have been so lucky in that this is the first time anyone has been affected, and adding to the luck, three of those people are fully vaccinated.

My grandpa has an unrelated health complication but it’s my aunt and grandma that are immunocompromised and have been having a rotten time, with my aunt having a fit and being conscious for it. However, again, because they were full vaxxed they’re able to be home (having an awful time) but able to slowly mend.

I’m so thankful and just.. I don’t know how to describe it, just happy that while this is not the most happiest post I could make, it’s not a tragic one. I’m thankful and happy my family trusted the science, listened to our words, remembered times throughout their lives where people around them couldn’t or wouldn’t get vaccinated for polio, for whooping cough, and saw their children being impacted by it and knew life in a new country was so good that they could get their kids protected so they could live long, happy lives. How even now people won’t get vaxxed to even help their children because they’re so entrenched in misinformation. But they’re okay.
I’m tired and optimistic, if anxious, but mostly I’m thankful and relieved.

PLEASE go get vaxxed if you haven’t yet, vaccinate your children when you can. Keep yourself safe, keep the people you love and adore safe.

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