Seeing The Light 2: This Time, It’s Brighter

Hello fellow eye owners and welcome to another post about eyes, especially my eyes, more specifically my post – ophthalmologist visit, and its possible relation to my endometriosis.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, what a riveting post once again about your two head balls and while, yes, it’s not exciting and probably only interests one reader (not even my mum), I hope maybe that someone finds this helpful.

So, we continue.

I went down to see the ophthalmologist last Thursday, annoyingly the week I’m usually pain-free. I was told to prepare for eye dilation drops and an appointment running between 1.5 -2 hours. Sounds like hell? You would be correct! Fortunately for me it was barely an hour and my god it was jam-packed full of action. In fact most of my time was spent doing tests with the… nurse? I actually don’t remember what her title was per se, but she gave my eyes a workout, including tests I had done at the optometrist like eye pressure and a quick visual test.

In hindsight I should have remembered to let them know the medications I was on (my prep paperwork did say to have a list ready for the o..- I’m just going to say oph. to make it easier for myself – oph however they were only really interested in familial eye history and any medication relating to the eyes.
Another thing I wished I shared (in my case there are a lot of overlapping things!) is being sick with mono and the speculation I might have lupus, both having wide-ranging tentacles that can cause problems for years, eyes included.
I did tell them the most important part, though, my endometriosis symptoms and my history over the past 12 months including the official diagnosis. As I’ve talked about before, I’ve been having escalating and sometimes weird sensations and pain relating to my nerves, and the pain I get in/around my eyes coincides with my ovulation and menstrual cycle.

So spoiler alert: did you know your tears can show inflammation? Like your tears? INFLAMED TEARS?

I found out some really fun information. First, my eye ducts were still blocked and had the consistency of butter (telling my mum that after my optometrist appointment made her nauseous – hi mum if you’re reading!), so I had to step up and do a heat pack on my eyes for 10 minutes then massage around my lids. Do you know how long ten minutes is to be left alone with your thoughts? Twice a day? It isn’t relaxing in the least.

Now was the new information, going from easily diagnosed and treated. First was my buttery, clogged eye ducts, then was learning about two main things when it came to tears: the quantity of your tears and the quality.
The oph wasn’t too concerned about the quantity of mine, but the quality was… Not Good. The mix of water, salt and yes, oil (my butter) wasn’t good either. The PH was off. This is where the inflammation in my tears comes in too. This could be helped along with anti-inflammatory drops.
With the knowledge about my endometriosis, she was sure (although because of its nature, couldn’t be 100%) that my hormones and nerves were playing a big part in my issues. While she said there are hormonal drops that can be taken, she didn’t have much knowledge of them and wanted to start me off on the anti-inflammatory drops, the heat mask and see the progress those make.

I’ve been doing my little eye protocol for a week now and I think I’m only now just getting the hang of it. The expensive eye drops recommended to me by the optometrist I’m still taking on advice from the op, followed by the anti-inflammatory drops with their own little way of taking them. Admittedly, I’m only doing the heat mask once a day and really need to do it twice so.. :)?

I go back in about two weeks to see how everything looks, which will be interesting on account of my period supposedly starting or happening around then. I still haven’t heard from my Gynecologist but they did forward everything to her and next month is the 12th month of being on the waiting list for a laparoscopy, so it’s still a lot of things up in the air.

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