Black Lives Matter and the Trauma of Police Brutality and Protesting (and me just getting it all out)

john-boyega-Justin Setterfield
John Boyega at Black Lives Matter protests in London. Photo by Justin Setterfield.


The last year of watching the news has been a new sort of serious struggle, from the Hong Kong protests last year, the fires here in Aus, COVID, and now the rightful protesting against police brutality against black people.
I was going to infodump/rant/express everything all in one post but I feel like talking about one thing right now is best.


More than ever before, I’ve been thinking about the trauma people of colour, especially black people, endure at the hands of authority figures, namely police officers; the people who are supposed to protect and serve the community they reside in. I mean, what I’m saying here isn’t anything new, it’s well established in black communities not just in the US, but here too in Australia and countless other countries where native people have been invaded, abused, sold, paraded as jokes, animals/barbarians while their cultures have been used as accessories. The historical equivalent of ‘chewed up and spat out’.

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Acting Choke-Up

On Tuesday, I would’ve been doing a four-week online acting workshop that would be my first class in years. I didn’t bounce, it was actually cancelled.

But I almost bounced.
There’s a lot to be said about my anxiety, and being a dramatic, all-encompassing bitch is definitely one of them. Dramatic might not be the word.

Let me explain.

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The Ultimate Care Kit



Everything is loud and fast these days. I live next to an at-home day care, so I know about loud.

Sometimes it can be hard to get a day in to just look after yourself and have your own wind-down, and it’s so important to get a few moments a day at the very least to get yourself centred and relaxed. Some people meditate, and while I like to be one of those people, I’m not there yet in any capacity.

So what happens if you’re constantly moving (or, at least, your brain doesn’t know when to shut up), your environment doesn’t help and you can’t escape it?

It’s time to make your own little vacation-in-a-box, or a self-care kit.

In case you don’t know, a self care kit/bag/box is your own curated kit of items that can help calm you down, bring you back into the present and overall make you happy. While my own items might not be for you, it will give you inspiration as to what to put in yours.


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