Things I Do To Make My Day Better

Sometimes if I don’t have the mental or physical capacity to do the things I need or want to do, the days can become a blur and bleed into each other pretty damn quickly.

This blur-bleed whether mental fog and fatigue or physical pain can make one feel frustrated at unable to do the most basic things, and if you’re like me, unable to do the most you can in a day with perfection is a source of inadequacy at best, a failure of a human being at worst.

So I’ve had to gather small things I can do that will give me the most rewarding and instant positive feelings, as well as making me feel more proactive or goals I can “tick off”.



Morning/ Day Shower


There is something about showering in the morning or really any time of the day (especially when it’s sunny out) that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished half of my day. Is it because I like sun showers? Because I’m clean? Because it wakes me up? Maybe all of those, but knowing I haven’t done anything but had a shower puts me in a much better mood.




Get Changed into Clothes (Bra Optional)


I don’t like staying in my pjs long after waking up, and changing into everyday clothes almost acts like a ‘uniform’ of sorts that helps me get out of that sleepy mood into one where I can (hopefully) be active. Also, I feel like putting on a bra helps, even if it’s only comfortable for an hour or two.





The tiles of my home are right onto the foundations, which means there’s no give whatsoever to my flooring. It’s given me knee, hip and back pain, and standing up to cook dinner or do anything for longer than 30 minutes risks being unable to move due to the pain.

The only thing that can help me is my good quality running shoes. They have the shock absorption squish – especially at the heel- as well as arch support, and fixing these two issues helps me get a whole lotta cleaning and food prep out of the way.

While it’s only preventative and doesn’t help me when I’m already in pain, if I know there’s a possibility I’ll be on my feet for a while, I know I can just whack them on and go.


Eat Some Fruit


Sounds like 100000 other articles out there that tell you eating an orange puts a spring in your step, but it’s much simpler than that. Having a few strawberries, a banana or even carrots and dip at some point in the day can either trick me enough to be on top of eating better for the rest of the day or, if I’ve already eaten terribly, make me not feel like a complete failure in the eating department.


Brush Teeth


Do I really have to explain this one? That nice, clean feeling instantly puts me in a better mood, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.


Lay With The Cat


Even if I’m too tired to shower, the pain is too much, the failure feelings are too high, sometimes all you need is some pet… pets, or cuddles. Tira might be gone but we still have another cat in the house, Helga. My sister’s cat isn’t one for being by herself for too long; she craves company and communication, including pets.
Sometimes taking those five minutes out to lay next to her and slowly pet her, watch her eyes look back at me or even her body move up and down is more therapeutic than talking to a therapist for an hour, or doing some “you’re chewing on a grape” mindfulness. Talking is confusing and looking into people’s eyes can be such a challenge in itself, but doing them with a pet, or just being quiet and connecting silently in one space brings me much more calm.
A cat, dog, snake, manbearpig, whatever your pet is, it’s probably waiting for pets and cuddles too!

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