30 Days of Autism Acceptance 2020: Day 26 & 27



April 26


Oh man there’s probably a scrolls worth but let’s break it down to some:

  • Our brains shutdown and just freeze where thoughts and words are all over the place and don’t work together, so verbal assistance can really help.
    e.g., I have overloaded my brain so much stuff and now the neighbour is playing EDM, and you’ve just asked if I want a ham and cheese sandwich- with mustard, maybe?- for lunch. I won’t even grasp what you’re saying and if I like mustard on my sandwiches, so maybe say “I’ll take care of it, I’ll make one just in case and bring the mustard to you” or just say the first part and show up with the goods. It’s a very simple example that might seem to carry a simple question and answer, but too many things happen, so help make it simple.
  • Ask if we enjoy working in a group or going into a situation with more people and don’t be offended by the answer.
  • Forgive us for not replying to emails or texts ASAP or at all. You’re not hated or ignored, it’s.. just a lot to keep up with.
  • Don’t dismiss what you think is “laziness” for just that.
  • Let us have an outlet or way to stim if we have one. Also maybe don’t draw too much attention to it (again, depends on the person, but I don’t like it pointed out to me).
  • Assume we’re competent, because most of us are.
  • Be quiet. Just… just shut up a little.
  • Smile at us! It’s okay! We’ll smile back, think we’re smiling back but it doesn’t get to our face, or smiling on the inside.
  • Like you, we have ‘on’ days and ‘off’ days, but unlike you we might be a “normal” talking person that suddenly can’t speak. Note that it happens, nothing doesn’t need to be wrong for it to happen and continue everything as normal.
  • Don’t coddle us, unless we want some few minutes of coddling.
  • Genuinely offering to do something big or small says to us that you genuinely care, you understand what might be an issue and have done something to help, and we always remember.
  • Don’t attempt to cure us.
  • Don’t treat us as a tragedy.
  • Treat us like human beings. Sounds obvious and anti-climactic, but there’s a reason we keep saying it.


Day 27

I’ve already talked about this one before so I’ll link to it.

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