Back On The Pain Train

I’m alive!

Although it seems like I’m barely alive most days, which is why I haven’t posted. I’ve been either in bed or in my dark little cave here trying to get some stuff done, however a new extreme photosensitivity or almost any light and fun nerve pain have put everything on hold or to a crawl.
I did however get the process started to try to study next year, however for a disabled person under 35 (just), it means I have to go to a disability service provider (DSP), get a capacity assessment from Centrelink then most likely back to the DSP to get the application started. And this is before I even know I’m getting in. It’s very overwhelming and complicated, but the course will only be $150 for me to do so…!!!

I’m also waiting back to hear from my specialist after sending her an email with all my new symptoms listed inside.
Did you know that if you are on the pill and are getting migraines with auras, you’re at a high risk of stroke? Neiiiiither did I until I saw a tweet last week! This is fun to know after suffering with migraines from my last teens – early twenties until I wasn’t on the pill anymore! And have a family history of strokes!

Along with the stress that is Christmas and other personal things happening, I have been unrested (literally the only word that fits, maybe ‘depleted’ a close second). I hope before Christmas or the year is done to have at least one more post out for you however I can’t make that promise.

If you don’t hear from me, I hope you’re all doing well and that you have some fun and peace in the coming weeks!

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